Curriculum Leef! Children's Ministry - € 335

Promiseland curriculum for the various children's groups. We take building up the faith and God experience of those little ones seriously! SPONSORED BY FRIENDS FROM NORWAY!


Projection Program - US $ 399

ProPresenter 6, recommended as the best projection program this moment. Winner best worship projection program 2015 according to Worship Leader Magazine.


Coffee machine - $ 546

Second-hand Nespresso Gemini CS 220. Professional machine, designed for business, cafe and church settings. Helps to create an urban Starbucks-like atmosphere liked so much by our target secular audience.


Camera (photo and video) - $ 2442

Camera for the Media Ministry for photo as well as video production like Church News, artwork for the web site, YouTube and Vimeo. 


Drum kit - $ 335

Second-hand drum kit in good shape on the Aruban e-Bay. Has been funded already!!!


Inventory Leef! Children's Ministry - $ 273

Toys, booklets, box, hygiene, registration system, cd-player, drawing material... everything to keep those kids safe, clean and extremely happy! 


Sound system - $ 382

Making worship sound good!


Guitar amplifier - $ 410

Pastor Christian will be playing himself until a better one shows up! Electrical guitar already provided by a Leef! Zutphen (pastor's sending church) member. (And a piano has been donated by launch team member).


50 T-shirts for the volunteers -  $ 219

T-shirts with the Leef! Aruba-logo.


5 signage banners - $ 273

To show the way, create atmosphere and provide easy information. 


2 beach flags - $ 175

Beach flats for outside to show we're here and help newcomers find us.


Printing -  € 375

Flyers, posters, cards, stationary.


Computer - $ 1199

MacBook Pro for projection in services and media production


Worship miscellaneous - $ 404

Music stands, speakers, cables, microphones.


1 month rent - $ 841 + $ 841 deposit

The second floor of the union building, accessible all week. Including rooms for the kids, kitchen and storage room. A deal from heaven!